What Animals Eat Irises? The Answer Here…

Irises grow easily enough, but you may encounter one problem with them—as pretty as you find them, animals love to eat them. How can you stop animals from eating your irises? First, understand the types of animals that eat irises. What animals eat irises? Rabbits, moles, insects, voles, deer and ground squirrels all eat irises … Read more

Roses vs Garden Roses: The Differences Explained

Having heard someone mention garden roses and standard roses, you wondered about the differences. Keep reading because we will cover the key differences between the two varieties and essential things that you need to know about each. Growing Conditions: Roses vs Garden Roses Most florist roses grow in greenhouses where heat and light differ from … Read more

What Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Many people throw their coffee grounds away after using them, missing a prime opportunity to make further use out of them. Coffee grounds have antimicrobial properties and can suppress some forms of fungus, wilts and rots. What plants like coffee grounds? There are over 30 plants that like coffee grounds. Those plants include blueberries, azaleas, … Read more

How To Pollinate Lithops

After three years of waiting, your lithops finally bear flowers. As a first-time plant owner, you want to know how growers get seeds of these incredible succulents. To produce seeds, flowering plants such as lithops must undergo pollination. How to pollinate lithops? Lithops pollinate through cross-pollination. To perform cross-pollination, transfer the pollen grains of one lithop … Read more

Roses Bloom: How Often?

Prized as one of the most treasured garden flowers, you may have wondered to yourself how often roses bloom. Keeping in mind this flower acts more finicky than any of the others, adding it to your garden will make it look even more beautiful. How often do roses bloom? Roses bloom on and off throughout … Read more

Why is My Cactus Shrinking? Learn Why Here!

Unlike other types of plants, cacti can tolerate abuse better than most plants. Still, you have signs that you should pay close attention to because it indicates a problem. One of those signs is a cactus that starts to shrink. Why is my cactus shrinking? Cacti that shrink mean you need to water them more … Read more

Squirrels Eating Your Roses: Here’s Why…

You planted some roses with the purpose of enjoying them, only to have the squirrels come in and eat them before they could grow. Not only do they gobble down the climbing new shoots, but they also eat the rose buds too. Why do squirrels eat roses? Roses smell lovely to squirrels, which can draw … Read more

Keeping Your Cactus Alive: How to Do It

Do you have a reputation for killing plants? You bought a new cactus in excitement, but you worry about how you will keep it alive. Not to worry, cacti are a hardy species, In fact, some types of desert cacti can last for up to two years without water. Now, let’s have a look at … Read more

Cactus Not Growing? Learn Why Here…

You bought your cactus excited because you wanted to see it grow, but you bought it only to see it do nothing week after week. Why is my cactus not growing? Check the season because cactuses stop growing in the summer to focus on surviving high temperatures. Other factors that can stop your cactus from … Read more