How Long Do Roses Last? The Answer Here…

Perhaps someone gave you a bouquet of roses, and you wondered how long they would last. You want your roses to last as long as possible, and we’ll show you how to make them last longer.

How long do roses last? On average, roses last one to one-and-a-half weeks after being cut. To lengthen the rose’s lifespan, change the water every two days and use the floral food from the florist after each water change. Use half a packet per water change and stir the powder into the water until it dissolves.

If you’d like to learn more about the lifespan of roses and how to lengthen their lifespan, keep reading because we will explore this subject in depth.

One Week: The General Rule

When we say that roses last an average of one week after being cut, we’re giving you a general rule of thumb of what you receive from the florist. It could be more or less depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Species of the rose
  • Length of time in transport
  • Temperature in transport
  • Length of time without water
  • Health of the rose bush cut from
  • Cut underwater or not?

That last question may sound funny, but you must cut roses underwater to prevent air bubbles from reaching the neck of the flower. Once the air bubble reaches the neck, the head of your flower will go limp.

You could have the best quality roses, but if the florist doesn’t know this and cuts them out of water, they will die faster.

Roses Die Sooner in the Homes of Smokers

In a home where people smoke cigars or cigarettes, the roses won’t last as long. Place them in an area away from cigarette or cigar smoke because your roses will die faster in this environment. The smoke and vapors will choke the flowers.

You could do everything else to prolong their life, but without clean air, they will die sooner. Beware of placing them near heat vents and air conditioners as well.

Roses Outdoors: How Long Will They Last?

Roses set outside won’t last as long. They might look beautiful as a centerpiece, but you may want to think twice in cases with extreme cold or extreme heat.

Unless you want to use them as a centerpiece for a dinner event, roses do best indoors with a controlled temperature. At the least, you don’t want extreme hot or extreme cold because they won’t last as long. Beware of direct sunlight as well because this can cause them to wilt sooner.

Even indoors, place the roses in a cool and shaded area of the home. Colder temperature preserves the roses for longer once cut.

Seconds Roses: The Age of the Roses

Most reputable florists won’t sell roses known as Seconds without first telling the customer about it. Roses older than three days are called seconds. How long a rose lasts will depend on this, so you would find it helpful to know this. Don’t buy roses over three days old without receiving a discount because they don’t last as long as other roses.

In some cases, you can even receive new roses if you bought Seconds roses, depending on the florist.

Keep Leaves out of the Water When Possible

In fact, you may find it helpful to cut away the leaves at the base of the stem. You want to remove the leaves that rest under the waterline. The lack of extra foliage will eliminate the possibility of bacteria in the water, which would kill the roses sooner.

At the same time, doing this prevents foul odors from taking hold of the water.

The Right Vase Size: Helping Your Roses Last

Believe it or not, the vase size can impact how long your roses last. An experienced florist understands the right vase size to keep your roses longer. You want the stems to fit well into the vase. Too narrow and the stems will feel squished.

Contrast that with too wide, and the roses won’t feel like they have a form to hold, which means that they will die sooner.

Water Temperature: It Matters

To make your roses last the longest, you would choose cold water. Fill it two-thirds of the way full with fresh and clean water. Coldwater slows the decay because it prevents bacteria and mold from forming.

If you wanted your roses to bloom, use water at room temperature or slightly warm. You can replace the water with cool water once they bloom for a dazzling effect that lasts longer!

Remove the Dead Flowers

As the roses start to die at the one-week period, you will want to remove the dead blooms from the vase. You do this because the dead flowers will start to develop mold and bacteria that can kill the healthiest of blooms.

Not only that, but you will keep the roses in your vase looking fresh and beautiful. This extends the lifespan of your roses.

Flower Food to Make Your Roses Last

Previously, we talked about flower food and how it can help your roses to last longer. Not every florist will hand you a packet of flower food, but you should use it if they give it to you.

The ingredients in flower food vary, but most commonly, you will see things like sugar or bleach to lower the number of bacteria and fungi in the vase. This helps the roses to last longer.

You can also make your own flower food by simply putting sugar in the water. A couple of teaspoons will give the roses the nutrients that they can’t get from the ground.

Location of the Roses: Don’t Make This Mistake!

Put your flowers in the right spot within the home. You want a shady location that receives indirect sunlight for the best results. Cut flowers shouldn’t be put in the kitchen or on the tables because of the proximity to fruits and vegetables.

Both emit ethylene gas, which causes your roses to wilt prematurely. While one banana may not cause the flowers to wilt, don’t put them next to a large fruit bowl.

How Long Do Roses Last without Water?

Without water, your roses will last four hours before wilting. This depends on the variety, and rose species that have a wood-like stem will last longer than the soft-stem species. Let’s say that you don’t have a way to give your rose water. You can double your rose’s lifespan without water by wrapping them in wet paper or a wet cloth. They will last for up to eight hours that way.

Rose Petals Last for How Long?

Once plucked from the flower, rose petals last three days. You could refrigerate them at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold temperatures prevent bacteria and mold from setting in. You don’t want them too cold, however, because they can freeze and lose their vibrant color.


How long a rose lasts depends on the species as well. Florists have begun to breed new roses that can genetically last longer than the others. Taking proper care of your roses will help them to last longer, but no rose will last forever. Once you cut them, they fade fast, unfortunately.

If you’d like to grow your own roses, you might pour coffee grounds as a fertilizer. They love it. I wrote about that here.

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