About us

Welcome to Dream World Plant, a site dedicated to plants and learning about plants. Your knowledge stems from here! As site owners, my name is Matt Gallus, and the co-owners of Dream World Plant are Cookie Fortos and Laura McCoy.

Join us on this epic odyssey of learning about plants and discovering more about the dreamy world of plants. You will never regret following up with us. We hope that you will find our site more than a little helpful on your journey, and we hope that you will have some fun learning with us along the way.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to educate and become a top resource on the web for plant knowledge and understanding of plants. When we do research on the subject of plants, it’d be great if one of the first places that we look for information comes from articles that we have previously written ourselves. That shows value.

We want to be as helpful as possible and serve the online community. See you soon!