What Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Many people throw their coffee grounds away after using them, missing a prime opportunity to make further use out of them. Coffee grounds have antimicrobial properties and can suppress some forms of fungus, wilts and rots. What plants like coffee grounds? There are over 30 plants that like coffee grounds. Those plants include blueberries, azaleas, … Read more

Roses Bloom: How Often?

Prized as one of the most treasured garden flowers, you may have wondered to yourself how often roses bloom. Keeping in mind this flower acts more finicky than any of the others, adding it to your garden will make it look even more beautiful. How often do roses bloom? Roses bloom on and off throughout … Read more

Can You Eat Bamboo Palm?

Maybe you have seen the bamboo palm and thought to yourself that it’d be great if you could eat it. In fact, some species of bamboo can be eaten, and in parts of Asia like in Taiwan and the Philippines, they eat bamboo quite often. That with said, can you eat this species? Can you … Read more

Does Rock Music Kill Plants?

Experiments in horticulture have been nothing if not interesting over the years. During the 1980s, you heard a lot about how plants loved classical music, and they grew better when you played it for them. Meanwhile, the experts said that rock music kills plants. Does rock music kill plants? No conclusive evidence exists either way. … Read more