Why is My Cactus Turning Purple?

Looking over at your cactus one day, you see that it has turned a purple color. What could it mean you think to yourself. Why is my cactus turning purple? Usually, cactus will turn purple because of stress factors like cold temperatures, root rot, drought, nutritional deficiencies, excess sunlight or crowded roots. In many cases, … Read more

Can Cactus Soil Work Magic on Other Plants?

A white pot filled with cactus soil, ready for planting, with a small trowel on the rim. Several other potted cacti of various shapes and sizes are visible in the background.

Maybe you have some spare cactus soil sitting around and wondered if you could use it for other plants. After all, using the spare soil lying around would save you from having to invest more cash in soils. Can you use cactus soil for other plants? You can use cactus soil for succulents, but I wouldn’t … Read more

Why is My Easter Cactus Dropping Leaves?

You bought an easter cactus loving the look of it, but you soon find it dropping leaves. What gives? A common problem with the plant, many people don’t know how to address it when the Easter Cactus starts dropping leaves. We’re going to cover why this happens and how to address it. Why is my … Read more

Is My Cactus Growing: Signs To Look For

A lineup of three potted cacti featuring different varieties.

The most rewarding part of a cactus comes from watching it grow. Like many plants, cactuses begin their lives as seeds and grow from there. Germination of a cactus takes anywhere from several weeks up to several months, depending on the species. In the beginning, don’t expect the cactus to grow too much. Is my … Read more

Why Are My Cactus Spines Turning Yellow?

So, you initially bought a cactus with white spines, but later on, it turned yellow. You might think something is wrong with it, or perhaps you think it might indicate an unhealthy growth. Do not panic yet! Not all cactus that exhibit color change through their spines mean something is wrong with your little plant. … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning White?

You brought home a new cactus and set it on the deck with the other plants. A couple of days go past, and you start to notice your cactus turning white. Cactuses shouldn’t turn white. What gives? Why is my cactus turning white? Believe it or not, cactuses can get a sunburn. Especially cactuses in low-light … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning Red?

You look to the window at your cactus one morning to find it turning red. Panicking, you wonder if this means you have an unhealthy cactus. You might look at red as another shade of pink, and the reasons for them changing colors are similar. I had previously written an article on “Why is My Cactus … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning Pink?

You look at your cactus one morning to find it turned a pinkish color. Fearful, you wonder if your cactus is in danger of dying. Does the pink color on a cactus mean something bad? Why is my cactus turning pink? In many cases, a pink cactus doesn’t mean anything bad. A pink cactus could mean … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning Black?

Oh, no! Your cactus has started to turn black! You have to act fast because once the cactus turns black, you have a high chance of it dying. In many cases, it is too late. Act immediately. In many cases, you can’t save it, but you do have actions that could save it. Why is … Read more

Why are My Cactus Spines Falling Off?

You look at your cactus one day to see the spines have begun to fall off. When the spines fall off the plant, the cactus doesn’t look as beautiful, and it can even die without its spines. Let’s have a look at how you might stop your cactus spines from falling off. Why are my … Read more