Why is My Cactus Turning Pink?

You look at your cactus one morning to find it turned a pinkish color. Fearful, you wonder if your cactus is in danger of dying. Does the pink color on a cactus mean something bad?

Why is my cactus turning pink? In many cases, a pink cactus doesn’t mean anything bad. A pink cactus could mean that your cactus is getting too much direct sunlight, or you may have to water it more frequently. Depending on the species, a pink cactus is normal.

Beware of Window Glass

You have to remember how a cactus that sits on the windowsill will be more vulnerable to the sun. Window glass intensifies the heat from the sun. Even a cactus can’t handle too much direct sunlight. If you suspect this as the culprit, move the cactus slightly away from the window so that it doesn’t receive a direct dose of sunlight.

Many cactus experts will grow cactus sprouts under the shade of another plant until it reaches an age where it can handle more direct sunlight. Even once it reaches adulthood, you want to monitor it closely.

Too Little Light

While too much light can turn your cactus pink, too little light can cause it to grow toward the light, ruining its outline. A cactus kept in low light needs less water. You do have some species of cactus that can grow in low light like the Mistletoe cactus, but you have to consider the species because many will lose their green sheen without natural sunlight.

Lack of Water

Cactuses will sometimes turn pink because they don’t receive enough water. In most cases, a cactus that turns pink won’t pose a risk to the life of the plant. You may want to water it more often to return the cactus to its normal state. In general, you want to water a cactus once or twice per week to remain healthy. Some species of cactus even naturally turn pink when exposed to sunlight.

Root Rot

You have to stay alert potential for dangers because a pink Christmas cactus could indicate poor soil drainage. This leads to root rot. Gently remove the plant from the container to look at the roots of the cactus. Cactuses like soil that doesn’t hold the water for too long. You usually want to mix the soil with sand so that the water doesn’t stick with the soil for too long. This mimics their natural environment in the desert.

Don’t Worry!

In most cases, you can correct a cactus turning pink more easily than if it turns black. I had previously written about cactuses turning black here. A cactus turning black and mushy requires immediate action, or your cactus could die. Usually, this happens because of pests or a fungal disease in the soil. Either way, you have a more serious situation than when your cactus turns pink because it indicates fungal disease or pests.

When to Be Concerned

Pink color or red color in a cactus isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but pay close attention to the root of the problem. Where does the problem come from? If you see severe discoloration, you must identify and neutralize the cause because it could kill your cactus. A cactus that turns yellow or brown could mean that your cactus has entered a dire state. You will have to act fast to save your cactus.

Pay special attention to the wobbliness of your cactus. A cactus shouldn’t wobble. This indicates problems in the roots with root rot. Rotten roots will usually have a brown or black appearance, while healthy roots will appear white. In some cases, they might appear pink, which isn’t also fine.

Cactus Thrives with Pink on It?

Some plant enthusiasts have reported how when a cactus gets some pink on it, it thrives. It experiences growth spurts and does well overall. You usually don’t have to worry if a cactus gets pink on it. However, it would be wise to understand why it started to turn pink. For example, a lack of watering means that you should water your cactus more often.

Could the Soil Turn It Pink?

In some cases, the wrong soil could turn your cactus pink, or it could slow down overall growth. If you want good cactus soil without having to make it yourself, try the Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix. As a beginner, I’d advise buying cactus soil because it guarantees that the soil does well for the cactus.

What if My Spines are Turning Colors?

I have covered this in-depth in past articles. In 99 percent of cases, if the spines start to turn colors, you don’t have to worry because this happens naturally with cactuses, depending on the species. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out my article here.

In most cases, a cactus turning pink isn’t a cause for concern. You may want to look at the cause and adjust the factors, but you usually don’t have to worry that your cactus is knocking on death’s door. In 98 percent of cases, your cactus will be perfectly fine.

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